Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Facebook Anyone?

One of Laura's many talents is keeping up with friends.
This week she passed on my electronic info to our old roommate from FSU.
Kerri got in touch w/me through Facebook and it was wonderful to see her and the children she now has. Last year I found out that one of my friends from church also knew Kerri...not too big of a stretch since both their husbands are on staff with Campus Crusade. I have truly been blessed by so many Christian friends. Kerri is the one who introduced me to Oswald Chambers. Very Rarely do I go on Facebook, tonight I noticed that now our church has a network on it. Encouragement can be where ever we turn. What have you been looking at lately, the waves outside the boat or the Savior with open arms?


CroppinRobin said...

facebook...isn't that for teenagers and single people?
although, these blogs are a bit like facebook and myspace. just think how often we spoke before we started blogging...maybe a couple times a year....

Gloria said...

That is so true! Prior to the blogs I would only correspond with Emily via e-mail a couple of times a I get to check in on her life a few times a week.