Monday, March 10, 2008

Disclaimer : A very long Monday, just felt like putting it all down...well almost all of it.

At 6 am its 65 degrees in the house, my blankets are weighted on me perfectly when Josh's alarm clock goes off and Elise climbs in bed and throws her leg over my hip; she snuggles up to me like we're an old married couple. I measure my breathing so she will rhythmically breathe with me and fall back to sleep, I do too and dream of jogging a 3k through a crowded college campus that has hills and streams with narrow bridges over them. We all sleep until 8 and I am so thankful that Josh made me a pot of coffee before he left.

Three kids are having their cereal when John-Thomas wakes up and asks if he can have hot chocolate. He too wants to feel the warmth inside that was stripped away after leaving our cocoon blankets. I remind the kids that we slept late and have to start school work right away, no time to dilly dally. While the boys are dressing and simultaneously entering their alternate reality play world I find some clothes to dress Elise and comb out her hair.

Still in my pajamas we watch the beginning of Regis and Kelly until every last minuscule tangle is released from her long curly locks. Elise turns the tv off for me so I'll get out of my comfy chair and go get dressed. However, John-Thomas is in my room evaluating his Blog and the lack of comments thereof while still sitting in his bedclothes. Out I say as I open my blinds and make my bed, straightening out the top blankets that have formed some strange origami pattern mostly on Josh's side of the bed.

Today Emmett's new curriculum shows up on the online learning system (OLS) even though the books haven't arrived so we go over what we can online until it is time for the older boys to conference with their teacher. But the wireless in my bedroom fails so we move to Elise's bedroom and pull up the link on that computer...unfortunately the microphone isn't plugged and I'm not sure where it goes and have it attached at the headphone jack. John-Thomas and Stewart are supposed to mail in their 3rd quarter reports today. Friday John-Thomas got all his papers together and addressed the envelope but Stewart has several assignments yet to complete and much grumpiness ensues.

While Stewart is doing a timed multiplication quiz I section 4 grapefruit for our mid morning snack. That made a small dent in the bounty that our landlords have shared with us and with a few items now off the floor I wipe up spills from the weekend that were missed and wipe down the stove and underneath the garbare pail and cookbook shelves. It isn't really snack time but lunch time so I pull out the leftover tuna casserole and serve it up to the kiddos with out asking...I know what they'll say and I don't blame them. After I do a sink full of dishes I join them watching Martha Stewart. Before Martha is over I'm back in the kitchen to divide up the meat we purchased at Sam's Club on Saturday and think about what we're having for dinner. Ah, meatloaf.

The phone rings and I need to go pick up 8 large bags of leaves.

Tuck Elise in for a nap, set up the boys with homework enough for the time it takes to go get the leaves and then I'm off.

Once home the leaves get dumped and then I'm off again to mail the reports.

When I get back Elise's nap is over and we make meatloaf and realise the crock pot apples weren't ever plugged in.

We then start Emmett on his art assignment and when that's done we all do a quick pick up around the house and I do last week's vacuming.

Now it's time for a sit at the computer.

Whoops, I forgot to put away the vacum and make the salad for dinner.

Josh is home and it's time for me to go run with Susan.

We do a little over 2 miles in 20 minutes over two bridges no less.

I come home to a clean kitchen and all the leftovers put away...I love my husband.

After a quick shower and dinner I enter into the OLS the assesments John-Thomas and Stewart did today, eat dinner and then bathe Elise. Josh has gone to a deacon's meeting, I have tuck in duties tonight.

We read a couple of stories and then it's bedtime. Today seems like there were a million minutes available and they were all going slow motion. Tomorrow starts the FCAT, we have laid our clothes for our early wake up time. I am so glad His Mercies are new Every Morning.


CroppinRobin said...

absolutely loved the way you 'put it all down' for us to peak into your monday. i'd post my monday, but too tired...i guess it is already tuesday now and i'm off to bed.
p.s. thank you for the wonderful surprise. a proper thank you is on its way.

Sherry Hayes said...

You are an amazing Mom. I love reading your blog. Hope the boys do well on the FCAT. Hunter starts his today also.
What are you doing with the leaves?

glenandtavia said...

Sounds like my mondays. We had a creative team meeting so I threw in a wonderful pot roast with new potatoes and fresh carrots only to find out at 430pm that I either did something wrong or my stove wasn't working. Probably the former. A perfectly good comfort food for 20 degree weather and it was ruined. My gracious husband ran and got a bucket of chicken. Too bad none of my kids like chicken on the bone. HA! I'm glad it's Tuesday.