Friday, March 7, 2008

A quilt for Chloe

For about 15 years my mother quilted, and accumulated a large stash of material and unfinished projects. When I decided to make a quilt for Elise's doll Sophie two Christmas's ago I raided her organized baggies of quilt squares and threw together a doll quilt in one night.

My mom asked to borrow Sophie last week. It made me laugh because it was like she was borrowing Stewart to clean her gutters or John-Thomas to mow her lawn. She needed Sophie because she was making some dolly clothes for Chloe. My niece's birthday is next week, and Chloe is going to get some new clothes...poor girl has been in the same dress since a couple of Christmas's ago when Elise and Claire got the dolls. What else does a dolly need?....a blanket, of course.

Armed with my mother's box of quilt leftovers I was able to make a quilt for Claire's doll, Chloe. I made the dolly quilt reversible. My grandmother's Necchi worked beautifully, the tension didn't freak out on me like it normally likes to do. I think it knew I read some sewing machine reviews this week and its days were numbered if it didn't shape up. While I was sewing for Claire, Elise wanted to know if I was going to make her another dolly quilt. One more day of sewing and one more quilt for the dollies that multiplied like rabbits this past Christmas. No picture of that quilt though. I've been busy with school work this week, mailing off quarterly reports etc. Next week will be driving to two different schools so John-Thomas and Stewart can take the FCAT. A change in routine is good right?


Gloria said...

You are so talented. I think it takes a lot of patience to quilt. I tried it once and my squares came out all mismatched. I decided I was happy to stick to my other creative endeavors and just admire the work of those who do quilt.

gideonmommasita said...

You should come over and see what it looks like up close...really there is no patience involved...I don't pin, I don't iron...I have learned nothing from my mother! Well almost nothing.

glenandtavia said...

You inspire me. I have left most of my craftiness to gifts and don't figure I don't have the time to do the other stuff. You are always doing some type of crafty thing with 4 children. I see myself in your shoes in a few years with the children older and tiny bit more free time.