Monday, March 3, 2008

A wonderful weekend

Weekend List

Friday: my bedroom decluttered
dinner date w/Josh and Elise at Sweet Tomatos
Saturday: Atlantic Blvd clean up w/neighbors
Clifton Annual neighboorhood garagesale--found great jacket $4
Also found 2 matching plates to my great aunt Violette's china.
Thirft store shopping: found Gap capri's for $4 and 4 pairs of shorts for the kids for less than $10.

Sunday: Stewart's friend went to church w/us and was better behaved than my crew
Cambodian Bibles brought to me for my ESL students!
Steakum in Low Carb/high fiber Pitas w/lettuce and tomato....Yum (couldn't find our gyro kit so we had to come up w/something on our own...forgot the cucumber but still good)

Called my nephew's cell phone and he answered....enjoyed talking to him.

First of the month evening prayer service.
Angel food cake and strawberries.

The azalea plant I stole last summer and transplanted in my yard is blooming marvelously!


glenandtavia said...

You had a very efficient weekend, sounded like fun. I spent the weekend painting Lydia's room. Before and after pictures to come in coming weeks. Love the jacket, very "emily".

Gloria said...

So you are an azalea thief! Who would have known it!

Great find on Aunt Violette's china, I bet that was exciting.