Monday, March 17, 2008

Living Well

How do you live well? Abigail in 2 Samuel 25 lived well by having over 200 loaves of bread on hand to give David and persuade him to let her husband live. No, not really; according to Deb Garren who spoke at our Women's Retreat, Abigail lived well by knowing that God had anointed David and even though her husband was rotten, God and not David should take revenge on Nabel. Abigail was beautiful and boldly spoke the truth in love to both David and her surly husband.

We retreated at Epworth by the Sea in St. Simons Island. I rode up with Anne Pearson and Julie Duncan, we laughed all the way up there and had a great lunch at a fun little place called 4Th of May. I had a cup of She Crab soup (creamy & crabby with a kick) and two vegetables-tomato pie and squash casserole. It filled me up and there was no room for dessert. EEKK!

Since Anne was the event coordinator we got up there early to make sure everything was in order-it was. This is our meeting room. I knew I would forget to take pictures once all the women got there and I did. Can you tell there was a lovely view out the windows?

The rooms we stayed in faced the same direction. I was so honored to share a room w/Kathy Bourque, our pastor's wife. She is to the right of Katrina Moffit, whom with I also shared a lot of lovely conversations. Katrina's husband is on staff w/Campus Crusade at UNF.
How blessed to spend two days with all these godly women. There was a half dozen women with babies, probably a half dozen pregnant women, and then there a young lady who just found out her pregnancy was over and another who took a pregnancy test and it was negative and would be starting another round of fertility experiments. It was a little emotional. We are all women struggling to make our way in the life God has put us in. Sometimes we say too much and sometimes we don't have anything to say but if we never get together then how can we ever even have the chance to encourage each other? It was also good to quiet our hearts before God and sing praises with the help of some awesome music leaders.

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glenandtavia said...

Julie Duncan is one of my very good friends from our former church. You couldn't ask for a better friend. You'll have to tell her to tell you the story of the Masterbath sometime. Glad to hear you had a good time.