Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday More

Highlights of this weekend:
Jacksonville Suns baseball game with Susan and Lori. It was Napa Family Fireworks Friday with a concert after that featuring Avalon and joining them were the Daniel Doss Band, Michael English and CADIA. The baseball stadium doesn't have the best sound system for a concert but that works in my favor because it isn't too loud.

Saturday I helped out at the rock climbing competition our Y hosted. It was the first time I belayed anyone besides our kids. I was a little nervous, what if I gave them too much slack and they ended up on their keisters, or too little slack and they down climbed and it gave them an advantage. Good side of that was a diminished nervousness for John-Thomas and Stewart who were competing. I didn't get to see all their climbs but I am sure they are glad of that because it meant they didn't have to hear me cheer them on. John-Thomas came in 3rd and Stewart came in 6th.

Sunday I started off shopping with Susan at the St. John's Towne Center but then Robin called to say she was driving through so I jumped in the car and drove down JTB to meet her at Cracker Barrel. Robin is so good at asking questions I'm sure I talked way too much. I did get to find out a little bit more of her trip to Gatlinburg and a funny story from the way home. Hannah was with her and it was fun to have dessert with them.
Today John-Thomas wanted to go to the Y to try and climb the one route he needed to win the comp but couldn't get past the half way point on Saturday. He tried 7 times today and still couldn't get it. I tried the 500 point route and the 400 point route and made it to the top on my first try but I couldn't get the 600 point route even after 6 tries. John-Thomas tried to make me feel better by saying the staff probably rearranged the handhold (but he was still able to make it to the top). Then we got Emmett and Elise out of the child care area and let them climb. Emmett was able to climb all the routes I could. Fortunately I was not to be out done by my 7 year old because he couldn't climb the one I had trouble with either.

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