Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Walk in Darkness

This morning while I was pulling up the boys school work I looked at Girl Talk from April 14th and found a great quote. Unfortunately something is wrong with the link function so if you want to see the post in its entirety you will have to click on the Girl Talk link in my time wasters side bar. Praying for your warm heart today.

"That Christian who has free grace, who has free justification, who has the mediatorial righteousness of Christ, who has the satisfaction of Christ, who has the covenant of grace most constantly in his sight, and most frequently warm upon his heart—that Christian, of all Christians in the world, is most free from a world of fears, and doubts, and scruples which do sadden, sink, perplex, and press down a world of other Christians, who daily eye more what Christ is a-doing in them, and what they are a-doing for Christ, than they do eye either his active or passive obedience.

Christ has done great things for his people, and he has suffered great things for his people, and he has purchased great things for his people, and he has prepared great things for his people; yet many of his own dear people are so taken up with their own hearts, and with their own duties and graces, that Christ is little eyed by them or minded by them!

This is the great reason why so many Christians, who will certainly go to heaven—do walk in darkness, and lie down in sorrow.”

- Thomas Brooks, A Cabinet of Choice Jewels


Josh said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing I REALLY needed those words. I've been trying to read your post for days, but I am constantly allowing myself to be distracted. I love the idea of being so busy with what Jesus has done for me, coupled with being busy doing for Him, that worry over obedience, is not even an afterthought.

Just writing this I've been convicted that the flipside is true also. When I find myself preoccupied with the "Am I being obedient to Christ?" question, I'm probably not too busy with what He has done for me, and definitely not in what I am doing for Him.

gideonmommasita said...

Thanks honey