Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wrong Again

You know how I didn't didn't think I was like Catherine Morland from Northanger Abbey?
Well, I was wrong.
Three weeks ago we tried to get a hold of John-Thomas's Godfather, Josh's friend from highschool-Mike Mann. We found that he no longer lived near Gainsville but in Northern California. Josh wrote about this in his blog.
Back to Catherine Morland.
Since finding out that Mike had moved to California but not yet able to actually talk to him I started wondering how it all came about. Evidently my time spent with fiction is creeping over into real life because I started imagining all sorts of horrible events that prompted him to move the other side of the country. My goodness, he was a Florida boy through and through and his family and wife's family was here, there wouldn't be any good reason for him to move.
Finally Josh got a hold of him this past Sunday and contrary to all my imagined ill fates, and dastardly ends he and his wife are just trying something new. Tami is finishing up her degree at UF and Mike will come back to Florida at the end of this semester to help Tami pack up and move out to California.
Today it occurred to me there was still one more way we were alike. If I had the book, I'd quote it but it was returned to the Library. There is a discussion between Catherine, General Tilney and Eleanor Tilney about daily walking. The General supposed that Catherine doesn't really enjoy a daily walk and she says that she quite does. If I had the leisure time I would enjoy a daily stroll. Unfortunately I eat too much and don't have time for leisurely strolls and must make it a quick aerobic task.
Seems like there was another instance of me playing out a totally whacked out scenario when the truth was the complete opposite but I can't remember right now and I really want to get this posted before Josh has a chance to tattle tale on me. :)
I've got something funny to post for tomorrow so stayed tuned.

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Gloria said...

I still haven't read Northanger Abbey yet!

I remember a group of us being in St. Augustine when we were teenagers....there was this couple sitting on the wall at the fort and you guys came up with this elaborate story of what was going on in their lives - the drama, the pain, the love...just plain old story telling and an wandering imagination!