Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Moved by the Spirit

Wow, that's all I can say when looking at all that happened today. I wish it was a post like a friend, where she had an awesome outreach opportunity. There are some things that get put off 'till tomorrow though, but today there was movement.
It was a little on the chilly side today so when I took the dog out I sat on the warm bricks in the sun to ward off the chill. The kids followed me out and when I asked them to put away their bikes they started riding them around the yard.
Hey, that looks like fun, I think I'll try that.
Then, since I had warmed up I decided to move all the border grass in front of the kitchen out by 3 feet. And since I had moved the border grass there was now room to plant a hydrangea. And that started 5 hours of planting and rearranging plants.
Crazy, I'm telling you.
Before planting I managed to get the kids to strip their beds and get those sheets into the washer and dryer. Interspersed with the planting was several more loads of laundry.
Crazy, I'm telling you.
Then I decide I don't want to walk/jog at the Y while John-Thomas is rock climbing so real quick before we leave I squeeze in 450 jumps with the jump rope.
Without a doubt, Moved by the Spirit.


Bearden said...

so funny! good for you!!! i doubt i could do 50 jump rope jumps!!!

glenandtavia said...

you are amazing!

Melissa said...

Robin and I were just discussing our weight loss situation. My hubby has lost almost 30 lbs. and I have gained five!
You're inspiring! I hope I'll do more that just admire you, but actually be "moved" out of my computer chair!