Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!

Alright SisterFriends I am going to make a disclaimer about the Pioneer Woman Cooks link that I just put in the sidebar Time wasters.....looks like there is some serious indulgent, unhealthy, non-weight watchers recipes posted there so beware!

After I read:

"If you don't make this chocolate cake within the next 24 hours, your life will be devoid of purpose of meaning. Don't let that happen to you!"

I knew I had to warn you.

My recommended time wasters is really just a reminder to myself that even though I want to go back and visit those websites, it is really counterproductive to my job right now. I have that list because I am lazy and don't want to bookmark/put them in my favorites and for some reason think it is easier to put on my sidebar. Sorry for being an overachiever today and posting twice, the first post has been rattling in my brain since last Thursday and it had to come out and this one just happened because I was wasting time! ACK! It won't happen again.....
BTW; Josh wrote a funny story in his blog, check it out...I actually agree with the way he told it this time, he usually tells it from the perspective that we were the nutso ones.

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Gloria said...

Keep overachieving! Blog to your hearts content! What else will I do during lunch if not check in on everyone's blogs....