Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Last Thursday after hearing about Steven Curtis Chapman's tragedy I searched the Internet for more info and then looked for news on the Myanmar horrors and Chinese distress. That is how the World Vision widget happen to appear on my sidebar. WV was already in place in Myanmar and China and started helping immediately.
Today I read that over 134,000 people have died or missing in Myanmar and 65,000+ dead in China. I don't know where I went for images last week but MSNBC had similar pictures today. Fortunately, I couldn't copy and paste the images so if you don't want to feel the sorrow you don't need to look.

A while back, one of my friends wasn't happy that her kids were eating the same thing every day at their charter school. In our house it is basically the same breakfast every day and the same lunch, but not the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
In the pictures I have seen, people are standing in line for a bowl of rice.
After the Hurricanes Frances, Charlie, etc....the relief people handed out Meals Ready to Eat, there were at least 6 different meals to choose from with dessert and drink included.
People, we are a spoiled nation.
The last time my son complained about only getting a banana for a snack I said he was lucky to have that banana, some people only have rice to eat and not even enough of that.

Yesterday we didn't honor our fallen soldiers that the National Holiday afforded us. Instead we went to the beach. Again, how spoiled are we? There is a proper Memorial Day post at Girl Talk.


Josh said...

Overwhelmed at the poverty and living conditions in these areas, even before the recent disasters, can lead us to guilt for the blessings God has given us.

You're quite right about us being spoiled, but it's not because of our country's wealth (even the the 'poor' in the US are among the richest in the world, for example average YEARLY income in Haiti is $240). We are spoiled because not only do we pause, if we even start, praising God for His blessings and mercy, but we dare to believe that we somehow deserve what He gives us and then demand more.

God blesses us that we may bless others. How did Christ use the authority and position afforded Him as the Son of God? He praised His Father and served others. I know my flesh continually desires to praise and serve myself, but I pray, by His grace, that I may be more like Jesus.

gideonmommasita said...

I don't feel guilty, we just take too much for granted and all over blogland christians were praying for SCC and not one person mentioned all those parents that lost their babies in those disasters...that's all I'm saying dude