Thursday, May 8, 2008


Woody has come for a visit again while my mom is out of town. She said he likes a lap nap in the afternoon. The boys were doing their homework, Elise was taking a nap so I took a few minutes to practice the knitting I learned last night with the ladies of my small group.
Once, maybe two times before I have tried to learn how to knit and have given up. I started with 20 stitches last night and when I laid down my needles after Woody got up I had close to 40. Aye Carumba!

For the third time in six months I have gone to the doctor only to find out nothing is wrong...or at least nothing warranting a doctor. The first time I thought I was on the verge of a major heart problem that would completely limit my ability to exercise...wrong, just out of shape. The second time I thought I was dying of pneumonia...wrong, just needed an inhaler. Today, I went because my right knee has felt mushy for the past couple of days. Knees aren't supposed to feel mushy and after my theatrical fall in February on the ice rink I thought maybe it was time to get it checked out. Evidently not....bursitis. Lovely, isn't that something you hear old English ladies complaining about. I am never going to the doctor again.


CroppinRobin said...

oh my....bursitis.....
can't wait to see one of your knitted projects!

Gloria said...

I love lap kitties! I have 2 cats - one will lay right next to me but that is as far as she goes, the boy cat will sit by me and that's about it I love the photo of Woody all sprawled out on you!

I went to the doctor a few years ago because I was having low back pain. He asked me if I sat on the floor. Being the youngest child, I constantly lost my seat in family situations and was relegated to the sitting on the floor, so as I have grown, sitting on the floor was normal for me. When I replied to him - yes....he just looked at me and said "we all get to the age when we just can do anymore what we once did." He was saying I was old now and my back couldn't handle the hard floor - It hurt my feelings!!

Sally Swift said...

Loved the picture of your hands knitting and Woody. He is a different kind of cat.
I miss you all and will see you Tuesday.
xo xo xo xo xo xo xo