Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Do you ever think that you are the only one on earth that has a freaky pet- peeve?
We have a lot of trees around our house so lamps are a must almost all day. The kids are quick to switch on the overhead ceiling fan light at which point my eyes start twitching and my lip curls as I quickly turn on a side lamp. Last week John-Thomas accused me of not replacing the burned out overhead light in the dinning room so that they wouldn't be able to use it. Neurotic?
Evidently I am not alone.
I was reading Alica at Posie gets Cozy tutorial on taking pictures and she also "yells at the flick of a switch." (4th paragraph)
So what's your freaky pet peeve?


Gloria said...

Pet Peeves.... I have several, I'm just neurotic that way. Things like Arthur leaving water marks on the bathroom mirror, or when people at work don't line up the 2 hole punch when filing in patient's charts, or when people use push pins to post notices on the walls at work leaving little holes behind instead of a very simple piece of scotchtape, or when Arthur leaves his keys in the little basket we use for receipts...I mean come on, it is a receipt basket, not a key basket! ....I guess you get the picture....

Dee Dee's Diary said...

1. chewing with your mouth open
2. not flushing the toilet
3. One of my areas of responsibility at work is that of AUDITOR...it really bugs me when people don't put their money in the same direction when they bundle it.
4. bad table manners.


CroppinRobin said...

i have so many, probably toooooo many to list.
some that come to mind are:
- mouth noises
- pitcher vs. picture
- stickers left on electrical equipment - actually, any stickers left on purchased items
- kids arguing - well...hannah and jacob arguing
- the garage door left open to the house...makes the house smell like gasoline from the lawn mower
- no garbage bag in garbage can...nothing is worse than having a hand full of yuck that needs to be thrown away and there is no bag in the garbage

i think that's enough....i'm just complaining.....