Friday, June 27, 2008

Jump right in

This morning while blog reading, John-Thomas mentioned that Blogger has a new customized blog link application. I had noticed he updated his blog and wondered how he did it...I thought that all his HTML reading has paid off...but no he saw it on the Blogger Dashboard.
BTW, a year ago this week was when I jumped in to this Blog "business". Thanks, Robin & Laura for sparking a fun fire that is still burning. And, a big ThankYou to everyone who has left all those fun, thoughtful, clever, witty, encouraging and even smart-aleck comments.


Melissa said...

Happy One Year Anniversary, Hope and a Future.
If you want to download templates, check out the link on Robin's blog. That's where I found mine. Give it time, I'm sure mine will change again soon. :)

CroppinRobin said...

happy blog-iversary!
can't believe it's been a year. i love it....i check the blogs before i even check my email!