Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lucky Charms makes me fat

A couple weeks back Sams started selling extra large bags of Marshmallow Mateys (lucky Charms). A few bites of the kids cereal while I'm filling their bowls and few bites a couple hours later when I'm cleanin up the kitchen and putting away the cereal because the boys left it out and next thing you know my clothes are starting to get tight. I love snacking on CEREAL.

Fortunately, Josh has renewed his weight loss goals, and that has helped me shun those evil Lucky Charms. He starts his third contest at work next week. Here's hope'n that he'll bring momma home some moola!

Last night my walking plans were undermined and so I was thankful that at the end of the day when I was tired and didn't want to exercise I just had to press on for ten minutes of jump roping and my health chore for the day was done. It's all about checking things off lists...
Summer list:
Knit a kazillion scarves for Christmas presentsRead a chapter a day in a book, right now it is Hinds Feet in High Places, I am thinking of doing Pilgrims Progress next.
Get rid of stuff. Last night I went through the boy's clothes and shoes and 6 bags later I was done.
Unbeknownist to us, today while my mom was posting about her Wee Folk we were attempting to make our own AND we took a picture of it. Yohanna took the picture...Elise was sleeping. The fun never ends in Blogland does it?

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CroppinRobin said...

love, love, love the new header.
what's a wee folk and how do i make one? i'll jump on your mom's blog next to find out, hopefully.