Sunday, June 8, 2008


If your car is smokin', chances are you have a dead squirrel stuck under the back wheel.

Friday, I took the van in for servicing. When I left it drove fine. After making several stops, the tires started feeling wobbly. I called Josh on my way home to talk about a couple different items on the agenda and mentioned the wobbly wheels. He suggested I head back to the mechanic. I decided not to because I had to get the boys to a birthday party, blah,blah,blah. When I turned off the car at home I smelled something burnt...I looked around to see if any homes nearby were getting their roofs redone; it was then that I noticed that smoke was billowing from my back left tire. I called the mechanic and he sent a tow truck right away...then I called Josh to tell him. Not once that whole evening did he say "I told you so". Funny thing is, when we talked to the mechanic the next morning he said the reason for the smoke was a dead squirrel....the wobbly wheels are a different set of problems altogether....they are keeping the van until sometime Monday. And that dear friends is why I am on this silly computer instead of worshiping with the folks at Eastside this morning.


SenoraSabrosita said...

Hey, you're not alone. Last time we drove to Jax, I noticed what I thought looked like paper under our front bumper. I told Guido to reach down and pull it out. It wasn't paper, but an entire bird wedged under our front bumper. Gross! What I saw sticking out was its wings. It apparently had been there for a couple of days and the stench was horrible not to mention the bugs that had already invaded it. Double gross! At least the squirrel got incenerated!

Gigi said...

Last year we saw drops of paint on the floor at the entrance of the basement door. Then other little paint droppings throughout the basement. Thinking it was one of the girls who got into a can of paint, we began to question them. Ofcourse, no one new anything. A couple of weeks later my husband smelled something bad while in the basement and found a dead bird in (thank goodness) an empty box. We don't know how it got down there, how it drank paint since the can was covered and how it managed to get into the box with the lids closed. Weird, huh. Poor birdy.

Cloverland Farm said...

love the new blog look! so victoria! so you!
how are you guys? we are officially waiting for a baby now. so excited and terrified! :) have a great week.