Saturday, June 7, 2008

Part 2 & 3 of DIY

Last weekend Josh put in a new bathroom sink but I never took a finished result picture. This morning I cleaned up the sink and voila:

Yes, the paint can and brown paper have been sitting on the floor untouched all week.

Also last weekend Josh put up a new dinning room light. When he went to Lowes to pick up the paint, etc... he found it for $13. I have been wanting a replacement since we moved in 3 years ago....even to the point that I did not replace the lightbulb two months ago when it burned out. Yea, Josh, another job well done!

This morning he got a bee in his bonnet to take out the kitchen sink and re-caulk it. There wasn't much caulk between it and the "beautiful green laminate", which left plenty of room for shmootz to accumulate no matter how much I scrubbed. Go, Josh, Go!

This morning he also took pictures of my plants since the ones I took last night didn't turn out. And he worked on my blog header. He does know how to spoil me.


glenandtavia said...

You guys are a bunch of busy bees. I am starting to tackle the boys room. I have painted a portion but ran out of paint two days ago and haven't had the motivation to go get some more. I will try to finish this week. They live in the attic, so the walls leading up to the their room is dark blue now like the ocean. I am going to put fish on the walls and when you get up to their room it will look like a poop deck of ship. We'll see how it turns out. It will probably be fall before I actually get it done.

gideonmommasita said...

That sounds like a fun project!

Gloria said...

What's a "poop deck"....I'm really hoping you meant pool deck!

I'm all for husbands who spoil their wives - go Josh!

CroppinRobin said...

YEA josh....
great job. emily, i love that you took a picture of the sink with the brown paper and paint. that is exactly how it would be at my house too.
love the new header...noticed it as soon as i jumped on your blog this afternoon.
great photos of your flowers....i think i'll have to copy you again this year and do the same.