Monday, June 2, 2008

Part 1 of Weekend DIY

After splurging on a $13 hair cut I went next door to the new Habit ReStore to see what they were selling. They had new and second hand kitchen cabinets, light fixtures, windows, doors and ....bathroom sinks. I called Josh to see what would work for the bathroom and he said even though ours measured 31", he could make the 33" one work. $20 later I was on my way home.

He did make it work.....after disassembling the cabinet and rebuilding it with wood a friend had brought me to make window boxes. The old sink was plastic and had cracks in it and lovely gold flecks accented throughout, not to mention the faucet was gross. The new sink came with a shiny new Moen deal. I took a picture of the backside of the old sink to show that it was supported by particle wonder I felt a little give when I would lean on it...and you know the kids stand on it to reach stuff. The new sink is some sort of plain little gold flecks.


Melissa said...

Dontcha love husbands that double at handymen?

CroppinRobin said...

love it....what else did they have at the Habit ReStore? sounds interesting.