Monday, June 23, 2008


"Mom, What did you take a picture of?"
"My toes."
"What did you take a picture of your toes for?"
"Because Mrs. Botley did."

A larger second toe means you're a witch or the dominate one in your family or will take pictures and blog about whatever your friends have on their blog?

For more silliness and a real laugh out loud you should read Alicia Paulson's post today. When I read it, she had 160 comments already. Lovely silliness, Hurrah for silliness, so much silliness. Share the silliness!


Gloria said...

Funny! I checked yours out and then turned to the page that inspired you. Even thought of pulling out my own camera to post a picture of my toes!

Melissa said...

Bless you, my good friend! Total, utter silliness!