Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Do you have a summer routine/schedule?

This month E&E have swim lessons M/W, every evening the boys have swim team practice, once a week we go to the library and Friday we hit the beach.

Today John-Thomas and Yohanna did a creative writing event at the downtown library. I hope I can remember to take them every Tuesday. The past two Tuesdays I have remembered up until lunch and then on the way to swim team but not at scheduled time of 3 to make it to the library.

How often do you forget stuff? I am all the time walking into a room and not knowing why I'm there, or the laundry is started and forgotten for two days. I couldn't remember if I exercised the day before so that's one of the reasons why the exercise journal is on my sidebar.
Sometimes I can't even remember to post it.

While the boys were swimming last Friday, Josh, Elise and I walked down to the boardwalk along the river and watched Fiddler Crabs waving their crazy big one claw around in the air. So here's a big claw wave at ya, hoping you're enjoying your summer...routine or not!


Melissa said...

I forget a lot. It's a casualty of children and age.
I wish we lived closer. It would be fun to let the kids play.

Gloria said...

Wow, you guys are having a great summer full of activities! Swimming, boardwalks, library trips.....it all so beats being stuck inside a clinic all day on these beautiful summer days.

Gigi said...

Your schedule is very similar to mine. It is filled with piano lessions, gymnastics, library visits, visiting friends and families churches for their VBSs, spending time with friends you don't often see during the school year, and a whole lot of other things. Oh, and YES I am constantly forgetful. It has worsened with each child I've had; I think having kids eats up your brain cells.

CroppinRobin said...

routine? my regular routine is not have a routine...i like to keep them guessin.....
no, really - i wish i had a routine. i try, but have yet to be successful.
oh well, there is always tomorrow.