Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Conforming Distractions

My quiet morning started out reading Piper's sermon on Romans 12:1-2.
Even without the kids as an excuse I only made it half way through before getting distracted.
Talk about being conformed to this world... distractions are everywhere and our real purposes in life all too often seem like the distractions.
I thought about hairstyles and fashion. Is that what the non-conforming is all about?
The hot pink scrunchie comment on Melissa's blog started that rabbit trail.
TJMaxx advertises on their store window saying they have all the current styles so you know what to wear. For some reason that sign keeps trying to trigger something amiss in my brain.


This book is another distraction.
I found it at the library last night and I love it, but alas I am an ignorant knitter and have no stinkin idea how to make anything they show how to make. I also picked up Sharon Brant's book, hoping that it would shed some light on what I've not grasped as yet.

It is a beautiful book and at some point I'm sure it would help loads but I'm not there yet.
What else?
I checked out the new Goodwill store on Ft. Caroline Rd. today and found some cute shoes for $3.99.
Yup, there's several distractions in that little item, the least of which is that I tried uploading a picture of them and even though Blogger said it was "done" I don't see any picture on my size niners.
Yep, I just said niner.
Did you see the movie Tommy Boy?
I was pregnant with John-Thomas and for some reason that movie at that time had me hysterical.
Not so much anymore.
Anything that used to strike your funny bone and no longer has the same attraction?
There's a post for another day.


Melissa said...

I used to watch movies over and over and over. I don't do that anymore. Once is usually enough.

Blogs are my current distraction. And Facebook. I need to just back away slowly...

ewe scrap said...

Did you pick a rose and lay it at your feet?
Pretty creative!
I've been distracted all day on Blogs but I saved the best till last...yours!