Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tut, Tut, Looks like rain

This morning there was steady rain which formed rivulets down our road. With no thunder or lightening to be heard, Elise and Emmett headed out to play in the rain and ensuing mud. What a wonderfully rainy day.
While on vacation we swam almost every day and twice I went for a jog...absolutely nothing since we've been back. So, I picked up a shovel and started digging as well. I managed to dig a nice little drainage rut so the water would drain off our road to lower ground. The blisters on my palms said I did too much. My aching back says go to bed. It was a nice distraction from an email a "friend" sent who unloaded some pressure to join in on a MultiLevel Marketing/pyramid business.
Instead of thinking about that though I tried to remember all those summers I spent at my grandparent's home outside Blairsville, GA digging in their stream and making dams. One year my dad even bought some cement for us to make a more formidable dam. That water was so cold and there were skinks everywhere.
When my grandparents bought the property there was a trough at the bottom of the spring and we used to put watermelon in there to chill.
Then and now I thoroughly dislike the sticky watermelon juice running all down my face and hands. While we were out on the boat this summer everyone was gladly taking their watermelon wedge, but I offered to cut my own and then sliced and diced bite sized pieces. I don't mind having mud head to toe from digging but heaven forbid some watermelon juice touches my skin.


Gloria said...

What's a skink?

glenandtavia said...

Watermelon was a big deal during the summers at our house. Ask any Haralambou to name one thing about our summers and Watermelon will be the #1 thing. I always sliced and diced mine, still do.

Melissa said...

Oh the quirkyness of human nature!
I can't stand the sound of water dripping! I don't like sticky fingers, either.