Saturday, July 5, 2008

God Bless America

Vacationing with the kids grandparents and cousins is going swimmingly. Yesterday's parade yielded 4 sand pails full of candy and a backpack full of waters that were handed to us by the 7 candidates running for sheriff office in Indian River and the candidates for Clerk of Court and School Board and well any office open for election this fall.

This year folks saw Elise's pail and just dropped in the candy instead of throwing it her way. Normally they scatter it on the street and kids have to scramble for it. Half the time I don't even think she saw them drop the candy in the bucket.

Now we are having to hide said candy so she won't go into sugar stupor.
Josh and I both had our own camera's yesterday and our tag team picture taking resulted in some great pictures. We went to his sister's house after the parade for a picnic. That's his grandfather next to him.
Today I took the day off and just hung out in the Indian River with Josh's step-mom, Anne and his Aunt Theresa.
Hope ya'll are having a nice weekend celebrating our Nation's Birthday.

(Several times I had tried to upload Elise's picture to the blog and it never showed up and then today when Josh broke out the computer to check his work email they all appeared. Go figure.)


CroppinRobin said...

love, love, love the photo of you!

Melissa said...

I agree, Emily. That pic of you is fabulous!
Glad you all are enjoying family time. Elise's hair is precious. I wish I could get my girls to sit still long enough for that.

about me said...

What is better than one adorable picture of Elise? Why, three pictures of Elise!!
Love it.
Miss you all.

Gloria said...

That IS a great photo of you...reminds me of a Hollywood starlet back in the glamourous golden ages of movies.

SenoraSabrosita said...

yes, my dear you look lovely!