Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vacation post #2

This morning we went for the third day in a row to Bathtub Beach. I will post pictures later....If I'm not in the mountains this my Favorite place to be, snorkeling with the fish and a sting ray and collecting Olive Shells off the ocean floor. Relaxation...ah the sweet bliss of it.
After lunch we headed out for some shopping...our first stop was a thrift store on Commercial Blvd. Eureka!!!! I wasn't in there 5 minutes when I spied a box of my dishes for $15. There were 15 pieces in the box. Pfaltzgraff Folkart averages $8 a piece. I kept whacking Josh's arm saying, "Can you believe it ?" We also found some shorter catechism books, an old Speed Racer Video and some clothes for the kids. Elise and Emmett are watching the video as I type.
After the thrift store we went to the mall. We got a wild hair and decided to get Elise's ears pierced. She keeps saying Thank You and tells us how much she likes them.
Again, pictures to come. Josh took a ton of them tonight when we walked to the top of the Jensen Beach Causeway. After our walk we came across a GoldenDoodle....what a beautiful dog...won't be showing up in our house any time soon...I just looked online for a Florida Breeder and they are asking $1,800 and up for their puppies. Yikes! Can you imagine?


CroppinRobin said...

what a find....i love it when that happens!
i have a friend that is breeding their hunting dog....they'll sell for $750 each and their dog had 10 puppies! can you imagine?

Gloria said...

Cool find! I can imagine how exciting it was to walk in and see your treasure just sitting there waiting for you!