Sunday, August 10, 2008

Grace for today, Bright hope for tomorrow

"Your brother would rather have his own way than be happy. He's thrown away the grace he was given because it's not the grace he had in mind." The Truthspeaker paused to reflect on that. "There's not much hope for a person who won't live in the grace he's given."

With some regret I'm admitting that I have no idea about most of the books my children read. It is probably with that sense of duty that I casually picked up a book John-Thomas checked out from the library....he randomly checks out an armload every visit and I imagine much of it is garbage. I read The Bard of the Bog Owl in 3 hours (it took my son 1 & 1/2). Half way through the book I realized it was the story of David with a South Georgia setting but Medieval times. Creative and actually a surprising read considering I "know" how the story "ends". Fortunately Book 2 of the Wilderking Trilogy was also checked out and I finished that today. (speed reader son finished it days ago). I could go on and on about the merits of this book but most of it has to do with putting a proper context for all things boyish and since most of the people who read this are neither male nor 12 years old I'll refrain. But I hope the quote from the book gives you pause to think and remember it was He what brought you here.

(that's feetchie talk for you'll just have to read it.)

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Gigi said...

I'm with ya. Alina is such a bookworm. I monitor her readings, though, I'm not a reader myself. Alexandria, my nine year old, is just blossoming into a good reader. It was such a struggle to get her to read anything and now she is consuming books and truly enjoying it. I love that about them.