Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How many blogs are too much?

My husband is addicted to starting or revising blogs. He started it sometime this month, Lord knows when. I wouldn't have known about it myself if he hadn't asked some seemingly innocuous question referring to it. But even then, I didn't know until half way through reading that I had heard that story before....Josh reminds me I hadn't heard all the story before...well yeah because he made up some of it! My husband makes me LAUGH!
If I was clever, I would come up with some grandiose prize for the first one to figure out Josh's latest creative endeavor; but, alas, it is past my bedtime and Josh's dad is popping in tomorrow for his first stop on a three month drive around the country with his 5th wheel. Can anyone say, CLEAN WOMAN Clean no more computer! I also wanted to post a clever and funny picture to go along with this but something is up with blogger and it is having processor problems. Sounds like the boys when I tell them for the 5th time in a row to put the toilet seat DOWN!

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glenandtavia said...

Amen Sister (to the toilet seat)!