Friday, October 10, 2008

Caught ya Lookin

Josh frequently checks my blog at work and last night he mentioned I hadn't posted in while.
Sighing I said I hadn't had time.
"Robin posted today" he said. "And the way I found out is because I wondered why this was up on the computer."

Guess if I have time to browse, I have time to post.
BTW, I didn't like all the Halloween decorations BUT when I clicked on NEXT at the bottom of the page, all sorts of loveliness appeared...I clicked NEXT quite a few between 5th grade grammar and 2nd grade math.

Oh, a VERY BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tavia. In bed this morning I realised I hadn't posted on FACEBOOK like I had meant to , between morning service, a 13 year old birthday and evening service...sorry it's taken me all week to remember. Hope it is was lovely!

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Gigi said...

Hey, I'm still waiting for your mosaic. Looking forward to seeing your pictures. Didn't you go to Sandalwood's rival school? It'll be a lot of fun making it.