Thursday, October 2, 2008


Yesterday I took an hour break and ran up to Salvation Army for their Wednesday half price sale. After a quick look through shoes and dresses I headed down the kids isle and found a fairy dress up costume, a winter nightgown and a sweater for Elise. Nothing for the boys, nothing for me.
Back in the children's department I ran into Francis Paul. I have lived here for almost 4 years and it is so nice to run into people that I spent many yesterdays with. Elise is about the same age as I was when we first met the Pauls and started going to St. Davids Episcopal. While we were talking, Francis called out, "Hey Carla". Carla came over and said hello and knew my name immediately. I couldn't tell you her last name...I'm sure Jenette and Tavia know it...didn't she used to live just down the road from your parents, Tavia?
It really surprised me that she remembered my name. Then last night on Facebook I got a friend request from a girl I knew in highschool...everyone I have ran into from highschool had forgotten my name so this was another surprise. From her Facebook I saw several people that I went to school from Kindergarten until Senior High. Wish we had our scanner up so I could scan our first grade picture and put it out there for you to see. My first grade teacher had a beehive hair-do. I had long straight hair down my past my shoulders. Wish it were that straight now.

Yesterday I tried to remember how a song went that we used to sing at camp. I thought it was taken from Jeremiah 24:7 but the more I thought about it the more I think it must have been from Isaiah 6:8...then I fell asleep in the chair. I moved to my bed and by morning I was dreaming that Alicia from Posey Gets Cozy was once married to Josh's dad and we were hanging out in her house eating homemade cereal that I wanted to take a picture of and blog about.

Yesterday John-Thomas made Fred's Favorite Rolls from Hillbilly Housewife...half of which we ate with the bar-b-que pork that I had cooked in the crock pot and the other half we'll use tonight for hamburgers with the Market Ground beef I bought yesterday for $1.97 a pound.
There was so much more to my yesterday but that's enough for today. Today wasn't near as exciting...Vacuming, Dishes, School work, Tidying. But yesterday, that was different.


Gloria said...

Wow - the Paul's that must have been a nice blast from the past. Did you feel like a kid?

I ran into Mrs. Paysinger and even though I was 35 at the time, I still felt as if I was talking to her like I was still a teenager!

Gloria said...

Emily's where is your mosaic? Are you going to do one?