Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Alright, here are my pictures from this past weekend's work. The walls used to be the same color as the door jam...which isn't a bad color per se but lended to a darker house...esp. in the bathroom. The light in the bathroom is new and all the holes are patched. The frame was painted red and the frame around the mirror was painted white. I am thinking there needs to be some contrast but at this point I'm just happy that the "gold" look is gone. Too bad I don't have any before pictures.
Today in between the kids lessons I blog hopped to this site that I got to from this site.
That's all I've got for now.
Thanks for telling me what you were having for dinner last night...that was fun.
I fixed some crazy concoction in the crockpot because I left the house at 2 and wasn't going to be home until 6 and had to leave again by 6:30. It was edible but don't think I'll concoct again.
No fall decorating going on here...what about you?


Gloria said...

Emily, it looks fantastic! You did a good job....and how lucky are you that you're hubby is so handy with tools.

Gigi said...

I had a mirror just like that one in my bathroom, too. I didn't think to paint it, though, very smart, we just replaced it. I had tiles like yours in my bathroom. My bathroom use to be gold, too. I had a mustard color toilet and tub. Gold sink, mirror, and floor. So 50's or is it 60's? I'm not sure.