Thursday, November 6, 2008

For Dee Dee

Look what I found on the ship!
Carnival Corn Hole!
Who would've guessed?
Of course I thought of you and quickly snapped a picture but didn't get a chance to was in a crowded place and I hate to be crowded or dressed inappropriately for the weather...which I was when I went with the kids to the pool. It was WINDY. But the kids enjoyed the pool. Carnival Corn Hole was right near all those beach chairs you see in the picture of Stewart and Emmett in the pool. Did you know that the pools are salt is kinda a shock how salty it is when you jump in. Well, that's all for today. All you ladies need to post something, I feel like the lone poster since I got home.

What are you waiting something already! Anything, the last cosmetic you bought, a recent freebie, your third grade teacher's name...I'm jonesing for your womanly words.


Melissa said...

I came really close to posting today. Please don't tempt me....:)

Gloria said...

I don't do well with crowded places either...when we went on our cruise I avoided the central deck areas and kept looking for a quiet corner I could call my own. You look great in your black dress and deckwear (even with the "I'm not happy face").

Dee Dee's Diary said...

That is so funny. How long is this cruise???? Are you ever coming home?
I am sorry I haven't been posting. I have just been soaking up some of your sunshine.

gideonmommasita said...

The cruise was only 5 days...I didn't post while I was gone so I posted some of them this week...had enough? If not, I have more.:}

CroppinRobin said...

love the photos...especially of you. i never seem to have photos of me. good job.