Sunday, November 9, 2008

So Happy Together

Emmett took this picture in Key West with his Fisher Price digital camera.
We have mostly bought into the homeschooling Mantra of "everything together as a family". Lately though we have been splitting up more and it is an odd feeling.
In Key West, Josh took John-Thomas and Stewart to see Hemingway's House while I took Elise and Emmett to the Aquarium. Then in Nassau, Josh took the older boys to see the Queen's Staircase and Fort Fincastle while I took the other two to the beach and straw market . Friday night, our friends from Palm Bay swept in to town and took off in the wee hours Saturday morning with John-Thomas and Stewart for some camping in South Carolina. Josh was supposed to go but couldn't get time off from work. It's Sunday evening and we haven't heard from them...Josh would like to know our guys haven't gotten themselves lost but I'm sure they have no cell service in the mountains so we'll find out tomorrow when they get home.
It was a nice day with just Elise and Emmett, we went for a walk and dinner at Bob Evans, then a stroll around Target. I didn't get anything plum but I did get some cool Nordic patterned knee high socks on sale for $2.50 and some bedding for our middle aged dwarf hamster and some bug spray that she sprayed in face while we were still in the store. Good times. Thanks for posting ladies, it does my soul good.

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