Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Blessings

Since Josh and I met we have been bucking tradition. When I was still claiming he "was just a friend" we spent Thanksgiving with all our Cracker Barrel friends instead of going home to have a proper Turkey Dinner.
Then I went and married him....not the cradle Christian my family had hoped for but he is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am truly blessed by him every day. Then we started having children a month into marriage and didn't stop until God blessed us with a girl.
Every year it seems like we "do" Christmas a little different. My poor kids won't have any traditions at all to remember, except maybe that we watch the Charlie Brown's Christmas video a million times. This year after the boys started talking about everything they wanted for Christmas I read them the passage from Luke....and as Linus says...that's what Christmas is all about. I had hoped we would read it everyday in Advent but it ended up being read only a couple a days each week.

This year we celebrated Christmas Eve first at my Mother's house where she fixed a yummy Ham Loaf dinner and then she joined us and Yohanna at our church. Yohanna spent the night with us shared in our Christmas Stocking tradition (I didn't overbuy this year, YEAH!) and then after breakfast we opened presents. Josh had a bee in his bonnet to go the movies on Christmas day so at 10:30am we went to see Bedtime Story w/Adam Sandler. It was a wonderful G rated movie that we all enjoyed.

When we got home, Josh and the boys put together our new Trampoline. For years I have been begging Josh for a trampoline and he has said NO, but in some weak moment this month he said YES! I have always, always, always, always wanted a trampoline.

So, even though it is technically for the kids....they let me have a turn.

It isn't as much fun with a bladder that has been compromised by 4 children but with frequent bathroom breaks it's doable. I love seeing the smile on the kids faces while they jump...priceless.

Then today, my husband treated me to a color and cut at Hair Cuttery. My hair is now the same color as it was 13 years ago. I have never had it professionally colored and I think I could really get used to it. Unfortunately I think I will have to get a part time job to be able to afford it again. Oh well, I will enjoy it while it lasts.

It will last longer than a clean house, a meal at a restaurant, a good book....

And the greatest Christmas Blessing comes to me via today's verse of the day...

"Be confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. "
Philippians 1 : 6

And know my friend that you are a great blessing to me as well!


ewe scrap said...

You could always get a job as a maid!!

Dee Dee's Diary said...

LOL....well said, ewe scrap. Nothing like a "professional" color...and do it yourself products are really hard on your hair...and just in case you didn't know...all the "stars" that advertise home products...don't use them on their own hair. I mean, really?

sister sheri said...

Love the Lego Santa! What fun!

Happiest New Year, my sister!