Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not so wordless Wednesday

Pear tree in our backyard
Last year Josh got "me" a laptop. This year he got "me" a 10 MegaPixel, 12x zoom camera through Newegg. I say "me" because, that beautiful picture above was taken by Josh, the picture on my previous post was taken by...Josh, and probably half of the other pictures posted. I am so thankful that we both enjoy the same wouldn't be good if he got "me" a new drill...though I've tried getting him one, his has a cracked case that he says works just fine.

Something that wasn't working just fine was my grandmother's Necchi sewing machine...the belt had broken and we didn't know where to take it. I am thankful that my mother found a guy right around the corner that fixed it, cleaned it and gave me a good laugh all for $65. He told me that brand new it probably cost $350 but in today's price it would be like buying a $1300 sewing machine. WhoooDoggey, that's some good machine!
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post where I reveal Thankful Thursday....I've been keeping a secret from my blogging mother already knows so she won't be surprised but all the rest of you listed in my sidebar will get a good laugh and might be jealous tomorrow...not that I want to make you fact it's a little embarrassing. Is that enough of a teaser?


Melissa said...

Okay, well I don't think you're pregnant by that description. I certainly wouldn't be jealous of that.

Can't wait for the big reveal tomorrow.

Gloria said...

A SECRET!! How exciting - wonder what it could be?????