Monday, April 27, 2009

Building Inspector Cookout

Saturday we were honored to host a cook out for over 30 City of Jacksonville Building Inspectors and their wives. One of the BI is in a blue grass band and brought them along to entertain everyone. Josh's dad and step-mom even came up for the day to hang out. The weather was gorgeous and as usual there was too much good food....some of which was left for us to finish off....Since I have been dedicated in my exercise routine I decided to help Josh out and make the sacrifice to finish off the blueberry cobbler and chocolate delight that was leftover.....the scale this morning said Naughty, Naughty, Naughty.
Friday night I went to hear Anne Graham Lotz speak at the Veterans Arena....that was a treat...hopefully I'll have time tomorrow to post about that.

Gloria noted that I am wearing different shirts in the pictures...that is because as I leaned over the table to do chest met the sheet cake with a lot of blue icing...too much in a conspicuous spot to clean up so I quickly changed into a different shirt....I am so thankful that it was at our house, can you imagine if it had been somewhere else and I had a great blue blob on my b_____b! Oh, the horror!


sister sheri said...

Please do post about Anne Graham Lotz... a formidable force!

Gloria said...

You have the best back yard for a nice cookout, I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves. I noticed you changed outfits a couple of times - reminded me of the Oscars where the hostess changes her clothes :)