Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Last Friday night I was blessed to be able to attend "Give me Jesus" with Anne Graham Lotz.
She captured our attention at the beginning by retelling the capturing of the American Ship Captain by Somali pirates and his subsequent release on Easter Sunday.
Then she said, "If someone doesn't rescue us then we will end up more captive than with the Somali Pirates.
"Just Give Me Jesus" was her rally cry.
"He will rescue us from all the sin and selfishness that keeps us captive by the pirate of your soul"
Her analogy of the Devil/Satan as the Pirate of your Soul connected images in my head and started thoughts flowing.
She then went on to retell the story of the Crucifixion starting in the garden with the betrayal.

I wish I had taken better notes because she said that to bound by something is not always a bad thing even though it looks like it. Jesus was bound to....and here's the part I can't remember exactly so I don't even want to guess what she said but then she related it to a mom being bound by young children to her home or a wife being bound to a husband that wasn't everything she wanted and her list went on to hit a nerve of probably every woman in the arena. She said Jesus was bound and it was in the will of God......Then she went on to talk about his trial.

She also talked about Judas and that his problem was that he confessed his sin to a priest instead of to Jesus....I had never heard that before, I always thought, poor Judas...set up/predestined to play a part and lost out but had never thought about his confessing his sin to the wrong person. She went followed that up with how when David sinned, he confessed to God, "Against you and only you have I sinned." Psalm 51:4

The economy was also touched on, and suffering and the forgiveness of sins. I wish I had sound enough notes to relate them to you.

Here was her closing story:
A woman on death row, who had murdered her own mother asked Anne Graham Lotz once if her sins would be forgiven? Anne asked the woman if she had ever been to the beach? You know the tiny hole left by a crab, and then further down the beach is a hole left by something bigger and further down the beach is a huge hole left by some kids excavating a sand castle? She said, you know what happens when the waves come and wash over the beach? All the holes are filled and washed away....that's how Jesus's covering is for us.


Melissa said...

I really wanted to go, but I was bound by my son's sleepover....:)

ewe scrap said...

I'm glad you were able to go. Thanks for the recap. A friend from church told me that, on Saturday, over 150 women went forward to receive Christ. Some were probably friends who went as support...while you were home supporting your husband. He is blessed.

Gloria said...

Thanks for sharing the beach analogy - that's a great visual.

sister sheri said...

That sounded phenomenal! I remember studying her book Just Give Me Jesus. And, oh... how she speaks about Jesus! What a treasure she is! I wonder if she'll ever come around here... Thanks so much for sharing!

sister sheri said...

Happiest of Birthdays, my dear sister!