Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Saturday we used up the last bit on Josh's AMC gift card to see Night at the Museum 2. Then after lunch we headed to the downtown library. We had forgotten that the Jazz festival was going on and so we ended up walking around downtown and taking the Skyway Express across the river and back...why? because it was free and the kids enjoyed it. We did end up filling up our library bags...lots of Garfield comic books for the boys and barbie books for Elise. Nothing for me.....well, I did place a hold on the latest Sisters Grimm book...which technically would be for Stewart because he asked but you know I love that series too.

Yesterday during my jog on the treadmill I found this song by Third Day encouraging me to run not walk.
Today I latched onto a line from Caedmon's Call song Thankful

But you see, I'm running from the very clothes I'm wearing And dressed like this I'm fit for the chase

Yesterday there was much sneezing and Benedryl taking which also meant much sleeping and eating so I didn't get nauseated...
Today I put a scripture card in front of me but found it hard to focus on the words while combating my inner voice yelling at me that she hates exercising and wants to stop and then there's the lyrics to the songs vying for attention. Maybe a different verse would work better I don't know. I am chronically a failure but as the song goes:
I am thankful that I'm incapable
Of doing any good on my own
I'm so thankful that I'm incapable
Of doing any good on my own


sister sheri said...

Beautiful photo! At least you are to be commended for even getting on a treadmill... no, not me... I'm just chronically LAZY!

CroppinRobin said...

i agree with sheri...i'm chronically lazy as well...at least when it comes to exercising. urg.......

Gloria said...

Your inner voice and my inner voice must be identical twins.

I'm proud of you for your continued efforts at staying active and in shape, you continue to perservere. I got a running 6 month running plan last February. Today was my 8th attempt at doing week 1!