Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Me Again

Almost 12 years ago I started watching Martha Stewart with John-Thomas...then Stewart came along and joined us then Emmett and last Elise. The kids have really enjoyed the cooking segmentsIt has been our routine to fix our lunch while watching her show. My slacker homeschool kids weren't doing enough work this past year to warrant that little reward so I can't even tell you how long since we have enjoyed our favorite past time. Yesterday, with the rain steadily coming down I felt the urge to curl up in my big chair with my big salad and see what was on Martha. It was pretty good....I didn't feel the urge to turn it on today...mostly because I was calling out Emmett's spelling words to him. While I was waiting for him to write down the words I did a blog hopping...something else I haven't done in a while (well actually I did it last week but before that it had been a while). One of the blogs I randomly looked at was Weekend by Heather Ross.......she was on Martha yesterday. So much fun, I had to tell you. Anything fun you have run across lately?

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CroppinRobin said...

i haven't watched martha in years. however, hannah and i were at walmart yesterday and found a bunch of her party supplies on major sale. we bought daisy goodie boxes, invitation and placecards all for under $10! guess we have her theme for her 15th birthday party!