Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Saturday we went to the zoo. Kids were encouraged to bring their hurt teddy bears to the clinic Nemours had set up inside near the Range of Jaguars exhibit. This was fantastic because Emmett's teddy bear's head was about to fall off. Well, on our way to the zoo it was decapitated. That gave all the folks at the clinic a good laugh. It was set up to give kids a friendly introduction to health care professionals, so the bear not only got his head sewn back on but he got a cast....I'll have to take a picture of that.

This is the 4Th day of rain and the perfect weather for reading. Yesterday I finished Brighty of the Grand Canyon by Marguerite is a children's book but I loved it....can't wait to read more of her books we've had in the house and no one has ever read. The story is about an almost wild burro and his life in the Grand Canyon around the time Teddy Roosevelt makes it a Nat'l Park...wonderful adventure and not at all far fetched. She gave the burro reasonable human characteristics w/out making him human....

On Sunday I finished Morality for Beautiful Girls by Alexander McCall Smith, the third book in his #1 Ladies Detective Series. (the library didn't have #2) A charming and simple look at revenge on the ever day level. One thing that keeps cracking me up with Precious Ramostwe is that she says she is a woman of "traditional build". I wish I could find the quote in this book that humored me comparing herself to the new skinny ladies of Botswana. After flipping through several pages and trying a google search I came up with'll just have to read the book. I would like to read more of his books...will have to visit the library soon.

When I picked up Morality for Beautiful Girls, I ran across the book Sons of Glory, by the Parshalls. It is set at the beginning of the American Revolution in Boston and is Christian Fiction. Most christian fiction I pick up has some sort of love interest in it that makes me ill, and this one didn't look like it did so I was hopeful. But...the writing isn't all that great and after 4 chapters I really don't feel like finishing it...maybe I won't.

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