Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday ?

Finished the The Sisters Grimm: Everafter War by Micheal Buckley on Sunday. It was 7th in the series and I must say that it dragged until the last two chapters. I almost quit reading it several times. Did you see Pirates of the Caribbean 2? Do you remember how it had plenty of action but no substance until the last scene and then it declared "To be continued!" UGGGG That is exactly what happened. I have loved all the books before and this one was a little frustrating. Oh, Josh would say...That's about right.
What else did I want to tell you....
Oh, I is a diet/fitness website I heard about from one of the people featured on a Good Morning America weight loss segment. Spark People is free and will give you a menu and fitness plan. You can enter in what you ate for the day and how you exercised and it will tell you how you can do better tomorrow. That is...of course...if you spend the time logging in your food and activity. :( This is a good thing though, and I am on the second phase of it and am hoping that it will help me live more consistently. I have already committed to exercising 5 days a week (last week it was 6 days). Did I mention it was free? I have always wanted to do Weight Watchers but knew we could never afford it and the gym. I need the gym, plus the kids get to use it. So anyway, I keep meaning to tell you and today I finally remembered.
I don't think so...except I need some serious intervention right now because Stewart and John-Thomas made brownies and I smell their doneness. Should I not remind them the timer went off and let them burn...rendering them uneatable?

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CroppinRobin said...

i'll have to check the website sounds great!