Saturday, June 13, 2009


As soon as I start a routine and become established in it....the waves come and crash into my lovely castle made of sand. For the last couple of months, I have had very little routine but not this month!
We are off to a rip roaring start...well kind of. Every morning me and the kids are at the Y not later than 9:30 and by 11 we are at a pool (it is a neighborhood pool that is almost always wonderful is that?Thanks to a Wonderful friend)
We come home, eat lunch and then I fool around on the computer and do dishes and then make dinner. Very Simple. Haven't done too much cleaning and haven't hit a thrift store in almost a month.
Soooo, yesterday Elise, Emmett and I hit 3 thrift stores and made some great finds at every one.
First stop was the Humane Society....$5 ice skates for Emmett
$10 J & G Meakin Renaissance Creamer and Sugar
(do you remember I broke the knobby thing off a the very same creamer a while back...if I labeled my posts correctly then here would be a nice little link back to that post...but I digress)
$1 platter with a red transfer pattern
Also got some other odds and ends, tapestry needs, balloons etc...random right?
Then we stopped at Hubbard House Thrift and picked up some shoes and ball cap for Elise and shirt for me...$2 total
Then we stopped at THE Thrift Store and we got was a box of foam shapes that you join togeather. Most of the pieces had never even been punch out and all the pieces were there...the reciept was in the box and it was origionally $27....never would have paid that much...we paid $1.95!
Today it was Clean, Clean, Clean. Another thing that has been missing from my routine.
Cleaned the top of the fridge and behind it.
Wiped down All my pantry shelves and organized them.
With the help of the boys, all the book shelves in their room were straightened and sorted back right. (all non-fiction together/classics/comic books) and took off the shelf all the books Emmett has read and set them aside for Elise. Also tidied up Elise's shelves.
I have a whole box of stuff to donate to a rummage sale our innercity mission group is having next weekend.
Now its off to a Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Dinner....which....truth be told ....Josh and I don't feel the need to be appreciated BUT, one must make the appearance. Why can't we just be the hermits we want to be? Nothing's routine really is it?


CroppinRobin said...

love your routine and your finds while thrifting.
no thifting here...stopped in the GW here today because the sign said all furniture 50% off...nothing good to speak of. they had a 10 year old crock pot priced at 19.99...are they kidding? wish i could go thifting with you.....
ps...we'll be in st. augustine this weekend. will you be in town?

Gloria said...

Wow Em, you really packed a lot into one day. Those are awesome finds you discovered at the stores and your new creamer and sugar are very pretty. So what does Monday's routine have in store for you?

sister sheri said...

Wow! Great finds! Wish I could go to the pool everyday... especially if it isn't crowded.