Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Rejoice in the Lord Always,
Again I say Rejoice!

When I thought about posting how I am rejoicing in all that got done today...
bathroom clean, house vacuumed, Elise's room clean/her clothes sorted/her closet straightened.
A lovely lunch with Gloria
First time scrapbooking in 6 years (got all 4 cruises put in the book by tonight)
Great homemade chicken pot pie soup.
All that pales in comparison with what I should be
rejoicing in. The God who made all that dust come together from teeny tiny particles is the same God who made not only our galaxy but infinite others. The God who made those blueberries my kids picked with their gramma this summer is the same God who formed man out of dust of the very ground that plants grow in. When it seems like there is an insurmountable amount of work to be done in our own paltry lives it is to be done with rejoicing in Praise for the one who made us and gives us our being.


CroppinRobin said...

all that in one day? really? what kind of scrapbooking pages did you do? i haven't scrapbooked in years either.

gideonmommasita said...

I pretty much just slapped the pictures down on paper...does that count?