Friday, July 17, 2009

In my head out of my heart

In Gloria's post today, she mention that blog posts run through her head randomly. I too walk through my day writing blog posts but rarely actually get them here. What about you?
For instance, yesterday while I was jog walking home from Susan's I had a post I was working on. ANYTHING to distract me from the humidity I was shoveling through...YUCK.
So here's the post.
I slept in and had just enough time to shower before taking the kids to piano. While shaving I prayed that God would encourage me and all of you to make time to exercise...that he would send a friend or family member to help us get a move on and while doing so that we could also focus on God and draw near to him. I prayed that he would help us to make the time to exercise and to spend time with him. And I prayed that we not dismiss the time he has given us.
Fast forward to fixing dinner when Susan calls to ask if she can jog over to my house and then I could go back with her.
UGGHH...isn't that what I prayed for?
I finished dinner preparations, got changed, grabbed my MP3 and was ready when Susan arrived.
On my way home I spent more time praying for you all by name and then thinking about how I would write this post. But that was yesterday and I have no idea what I planned to say and now dinner is ready and I must go.
I love you FRIENDS!


Gloria said...

Arthur and I had a heart to heart when I got home from your house. You were part of what started out the conversation...I'm gonna blog about it though...

Oh and we are going this weekend to see about adding me to the YMCA membership.

Gigi said...

Though there were several years where I consistently went to the womens aerobics class at my old church (which ceaed to exist due to an exodus at the church), I no longer carry any workout regimen. Although I greatly desire to have one, I have been too lazy and undesciplined. After having my last two kids, I am even more terribly out of shape which leaves me even more exhausted than ever. It has been over six years since I've done anything! Your words are encouraging! I hope I can get motivated and actually do something about my need to exercise! xoxo

sister sheri said...

Thanks for the prayers! Lord knows I need them... I've gained weight over the last month... glad I saved some of my larger sizes!

I think of posts all the time, but get home and think... who would want to read that?... But a little encouragement is always sweet!