Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Quickie

Susan needed me to pick her to take her to airport at 1 today so we had just enough time to run out to the beach today.

Unfortunately I decided this at 8:45 so by the time we got to my favorite beach (4th street...not 3rd street like I previously reported) the two available parking spaces were we went to 5th street and even though it has no shower it had parking. I figured we could walk the three houses down to shower....and we did. The surfers were out today...good waves for them but not for an 8 and 4 year old.

We just laid in the water...for some reason it reminded me of highschool and us girls sitting in the shallow water. Don't know why today of all days that memory surfaced. I love the beach. The other day I read a diet/fitness article that listed how many calories you could burn doing different activities at the beach. That was some encouragement when the kids asked me to help build a beach castle. Otherwise, I would be happy sit on my sore but. (from tone and stretch class)

After I dropped Susan off I made a quick stop at Once Upon A Child out at that shopping center near there to see if I could find a size 7/8 smocked dress. She has grown out of all of her smocked dresses and I haven't seen any in stores in my price range. No luck. She has plenty of dresses...just none smocked...and I do love the smocked dresses.


Gloria said...

Sounds like a relaxed spontaneous day. Lovely.

Gigi said...

Smocked dresses are hard to find! Wait til she's older. It's hard to find clothes that are age appropriate for Alina. I tell ya, they are still kids at age 13, not grown women. Though I have to be creative and do some major searching, I have been able to find her some good enough pieces (and thanks to Titi Gloria who is always so thoughtful when she finds a great deal somewhere). Anyway, no smocked dresses at this age, though! And I have three! uggh :)

Tavia said...

I remember those days at the beach. Lots of fun memories.