Monday, July 27, 2009

Redemptive Purpose

Saturday morning Leah Darwin spoke on the Longings of the Feminine Soul.
What do you think she told us?
Even though you know exactly what she told us, in her gentle and humorous narrative she took something that we hold so personally and made it universal and then brought it back to the personal.
What do you think we are supposed do about these longings of the Feminine Soul?
You know what you're supposed to do...
Take it to Jesus
Receive from Jesus
He is the I am.
Do we do that?
She very gently reminded us of our sin.
How do you try to satisfy your longings apart from Christ?
TV, Computer, Romance, Novels, Food, Shopping, Relationships, insert your own device here
There is a purpose to longings and that is for our Very Big Loving God to redeem us and be made complete in Him.
This is linked to our marriages and last night both Leah and Dave Darwin spoke to us about God's redemptive purpose in our marriage. I took lots of notes...Josh kept saying...write that down"...everything is subject for comedy between us. Anyway, maybe tomorrow I'll share more.

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sister sheri said...

So, true! I've always felt that I need to treat my husband the way I would if he treated me the way I would want to be treated...