Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's going on?

"What's going on inside that keeps us from making marriage the way God intended?"
Dave Darwin started off our mini marriage seminar with this question and then what Bible verse do you think he turned to first?
Genesis 1:27-28
Nothing new there...
except he pointed out that Man in Hebrew is
Zakar which means the remembering one....his charge to remember to nurture, protect, provide movement, etc...
Woman in Hebrew there is Negebah which means the one who is penetrated....
she longs to be known, discovered.....she is to receive the movement and nurture and leadership of man.
Then he proceeded to the Fall in Gen 3
Man violated God's design by his silence and continues in this by avoidance
Woman violated God's design by taking control and continues to do this by more control and manipulation.
Any response that avoids going back to God is sin.....leaving His redemptive Purpose.
Not very good news there...it started way back then and is still going on.
But the hope always resides with Jesus.
"God calls you to be willing to live in a fallen world where you will never get all that want... You must be willing to walk the path of loneliness, offering your soul to bless others, rather than to protect yourself."

Repentance and Brokenness is the Path to Life
  1. We need to to see that our present style of relating reveals how we try to manage life without God.
  2. We need to confess our own self centeredness
  3. We need to be aware of how we damage others by our demandingness and our commitment to self-protection.
  4. We grown and learn as we experience life and what it means to Trust God and depend on Him.
Well, that's it for my notes of our joint session...if you interested there's still Leah's talk to just the women....it was racey to say the least.


SenoraSabrosita said...

So are you going to share Leah's thoughts or do those note require a seperate email!

sister sheri said...

"We need to be aware of how we damage others by our demandingness and our commitment to self-protection." -- Wow! I'm still trying to get my brain around this thought... because it is HUGE!

Melissa said...

Oh my. I'm so guilty of all of that. I'm that controlling manipulative wife, at times. I hate it, but it's what winds up rising to surface. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck!
My husband is really trying, with God's help, to be the man God has called him to be. I just happen to be the stumbling block that keeps him from attaining that goal.
Wow! Good stuff, Emily. Thank you for sharing.