Sunday, August 16, 2009

Keep On

can't believe I didn't do one post last week.
Wish I could tell you I was busy gardening, or sewing or cleaning but the week flew by and I really don't have much to show for it. The boys were gone all week and I only had Elise so you think that I would have skads of stuff to share but no...partly because I was fighting a cold/maybe allergies all week.
I went to the Y only once, but did walk with my neighbor as well.
I sewed a little with Elise, and made test pattern for the arm rest cover on my club chair.
I ran a few errands and dropped off some school papers but still have a few more to run before school starts.
Delivered the outgrown clothes to the Foster Closet but ran across some more later in the week. I had my Magnolia pictures in the car to take to Goodwill but Tammy said one of the foster girls going out on her own could use them so she got those as well...which reminds me I have the matching curtains that I still haven't delivered.
I started decluttering my room but didn't finish...hmmm...that was ambitious of me to think that will ever be finished.
Kinda like Christ's work in me...will never be done until Glory.
Feel like a hymn is in order here but I'm tired and really just want to go to bed.
God bless ya'll and keep on keeping on.

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sister sheri said...

Yes, you're right... we're always a work in progress... wish that made me feel a little better about my house...