Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Great Expectations

Great Expectations/Realities/Happy Endings:
or the truth behind my experience with water sports.

Last weekend we went down to Sebastian/Vero Beach to see Josh's family.
His Aunt Theresa and her two children from Massachusetts were down for their annual summer visit and so we always plan our summer visit to coincide. Last year Theresa bought a tube for Josh's dad to pull behind the boat...and while I'm not a big fan of being whipped behind a boat I wondered how it would be to lay back my head and be gently pulled behind as we made our way to the inlet.
The picture lies
It is still REALLY bumpy and your neck hurts like you've just done a hundred sit ups.
(which I've never done but if I said twenty five sit ups it just wouldn't have been as colorful)
The next day we went to the beach and Josh's sister Stefani brought her Sea Kayak.
LOVE those things!
Well, I thought I did...the first/last time I was on one was about 9 years ago and I was accompanied by someone with a lot of experience. The ride back into shore was thrilling as we rode back into shore.
The waves weren't bad so I gave it a try with Elise. We had a nice little paddle out and up the coast until Elise got bored (5oo ft), and then we paddled back. Elise jumped out of the kayak as we got close to Josh's dad and so I thought I would have a fun little ride in but it was rather anti climatic.
Josh's dad brought his long board.
Ahh....remember my list?
Yeah, well, on my own I was getting Nowhere...could barely even stay on the board laying down let alone sit up or on my knees....I gave up.
Josh's dad suggested just sitting on the board for a while until I felt my balance adjusting.
After some snacks and a drink I gave it a try and was able to sit on the board off shore.
While that was a far cry from surfing, I was content to let that be the extent of my surfing experience for the day.
Out swims my husband to tell me to catch a wave.
Right....not happening I tell him....I don't even know when a wave is coming let alone know when to paddle.
And this is why I love my husband.
He stayed beside me and watched for the waves, told me when to paddle and gave me the push I needed to ride a wave in.
While I would love to tell you I jumped up to my feet and rode the wave in,
I am just as happy to tell you that I sat up on my knees and rode to shore.
Unfortunately the waves at this beach break really close to the shore so it wasn't a long ride in, but it was success in my book and I am delighted none the less.


Gloria said...

Hey surfer girl! Soon enough you'll be up on your feet. I love that your hubby was right there with you guiding you in...beautiful.

sister sheri said...

How cool is that? Way to tackle that list!

Gigi said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Ahhh, to be at a beach down in Florida!