Thursday, August 6, 2009


Every year I plant some zinnias and marigolds and sunflowers.
The sunflowers came up but look anemic, some serious growth retardation.
The marigolds came up and looked promising but have yet to bloom.
The zinnias took forever to come up and I wasn't expecting much but I noticed one bloom today.
I didn't even try any tomatoes this year.
But I picked up some Hostas and have found a spot they will grow even during a Florida summer (I would like to say something negative about our weather but that isn't really necessary is it?)
Susan wanted to get rid of her society garlic and a few other plants so I dug them up and found homes for them in my yard. It's been a pretty cheap gardening season.
Speaking of being cheap...yesterday at the thrift store I found a new quilt and some cowgirl boots for Elise, shorts for Stewart and pants for me all for $15.
It was Senior Citizens day so I wasn't supposed to get 1/2 off but the cashier suggested I go ask the Senior Citizen shopper who was next in line to come "purchase" the items for I did. He was a little creepy about it but as long as I never run into him again....
This thrift store is on the way home from the school that BOTH John-Thomas and Stewart are going to next year. Pray for John-Thomas, he thought God was going to answer his prayers and he would be staying home next year. He likes his play time.
So yesterday I registered Stewart and the folks there were lovely. Then I registered Elise and that was most traumatic. The principal used the S word which to us homeschoolers is a fighting/insult. If you don't home school you just don't know how that makes our skin crawl...I know I should just "Get Over It".
My kids have been the best seeds I have been given and that garden is growing nicely. Josh assures me that they will grow just fine next year.


SenoraSabrosita said...

why no homeschool this year?

gideonmommasita said...

When your kids start going through puberty you honestly wonder what happened to your parenting skills. I was getting smack from the two oldest about their written assignments so I said if you don't start doing them I will apply for the Magnet program. And with Elise, the legislators (God bless them, they need it)decided that kids have to have a year of public school before they can do virtual. Hopefully they won't change the rules again and I can do K12 with her next year and following.

gideonmommasita said...

Emmett is staying home.

SenoraSabrosita said...

I've admired your ability to homeschool and want to emulate that with my own children. Where do I begin? Xavier will be 4 in October, so I think we have at least another year before we really need to start anything. Homeschooling laws are different in each state. While Georgia and Florida both had virtual schools, I haven't seen it for Alabama. And in Alabama you have to go under the covering of a "church school" to homeschool.

sister sheri said...

I've never planted zinnias, but they are beautiful... think I'll give them a try!

Gigi said...

Alina went to public school for kinder and then I homeschooled 1st and 2nd grade. Thought homeschooling her 1st grade was great, not so much for the second grade. I had just had Anna that September and I couldn't get it together. I really struggled balancing a newborn, a toddler, and teaching Alina. That is when we enrolled her and Alexandria to Stratford Classical Christian Academy for kinder and third grade. We loved the school up until about last year. It seemed like things got REALLY sour once they moved into their new school grounds. Our 2008-2009 was pretty bad, especially for Alina. We decided to remove them from Stratford and start anew.

Alina will be going to a non-classical christian school, The Kings Christian School, she is very excited. They have alot to offer for her; art, music, sports, science labs, etc. Alexandria will be going to a classical cooperative four times a week. I will be teaching her arts and science on Fridays. As for Anna, I will be homeschooling her the 1st grade. I am very excited to homeschooling again. First grade is a lot of fun and I feel it's gonna be a great with her. It will be weird having them all over the place, but I'm looking forward to the change. Geeze, I wrote alot.