Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This post got me thinking.
Evidently Sheri has a list of 101 things to do before she dies, and while I have never made an actual list there are some things that I have thought about.
Do you make mental lists or write them out?
My natural tendency is to file it mentally and then forget about it, but I have noticed that when I actually put it down paper that it gets done (or bought in the case of grocery lists).....actually I wanted a new couch since we got married and it wasn't until I put it on a list a year or so ago that it actually became reality (13+ years later).

At the end of this post when I went to find a picture to put with this post (I agree with Robin that a post is so much better with one even if it doesn't match) But when I went to my generic pictures Josh has taken for me I found the above picture and remembered that visiting the Biltmore house when the flowers were blooming had been on my mental list...that got checked off this summer thanks to my dear sister.

There have been jobs that I have wanted to give a try...some I have done,
crazy ones that I would still like to have are
  1. Publix Cashier, and Baker...probably I'd like to try every job at Publix...something's weird there.
  2. Work for a magazine/newspaper
  3. own/run a cafe
  4. there's probably more but that's all I can think of right now
There are places I've wanted to visit and have had faulty expectations about said travel so I am weary to think/dream on that one but there are still two on that list
  1. Chico, California....where Josh's best friend /John-Thomas's godfather lives and it is also the place that brews Sierra Nevada Beer that Josh loves to drink.
  2. Haiti....a mission trip that seriously has no vacation hidden agendas involved
Sheri had food on her list and while I am a big fan of food I had never thought about it that way and remembered Melanie Thurman's Spinach Lasagna. Melanie was my closest friend when I lived in Palm Bay and when I was pregnant with Elise she made this for me twice....I have tried several times to reproduce it...using her recipe but alas it has always flopped.

This morning talking with Josh about all these lists Josh added his other best friend, Brian in Tallahassee that he hasn't seen in a while, to the list and I agree.
But then again, the idea of weekend trip with just some girls does seem like a Fantastic idea. Gloria....didn't a road trip to see Jenette come into a conversation when we had lunch that day we were all together?

There is also the list of things that I want to learn, some things I've checked off are:
I've kinda learned to knit
Kinda learned to sew
Kinda learned to cook
Kinda learned to rock climb
  1. Would like to kinda learn how to surf.
  2. Play guitar or piano
Alright there it is...written out...should put clean/declutter my room somewhere on the list but then it would actually get done and what would I complain about then?


SenoraSabrosita said...

The road trip to visit me sounds great! There is also a State Park near St. Joe Florida that has cabins on the beach. How about we meet in the middle and crash for 2 day there sometime in October?

Gloria said...

I have definitely not forgotten about a road trip to see Netta! I haven't brought it up yet because I had hoped our car situation had worked itself out by now, but nonetheless we are still looking. I even told Arthur that once we got the car, I needed it to go see Jenette. His response was that I was not going to go alone, my response was "I'm not, I'm going with Emily!"

I love your lists. I have thought of some over the years, but the pessimist (sp?) in me always stops me from actually writing them down. Arthur has been wanting us to see down together and write our goal lists out - kinda the same thing.

sister sheri said...

Wow! I hadn't thought about it like that... sometimes just writing it down... helps to make it happen! Makes me want to go back and out to my list!