Thursday, September 24, 2009

Social Security

I haven't talked about the maid in a while because frankly she hasn't been showing up.
Last night though, she dusted and straightened shelves...good thing too because Stewart had lost his summer reading assignment that was due today and it was nowhere to be found until the maid discovered it on the floor in his room...not on any shelves that were so diligently sorted through.
Then today the maid swept the floors like I have been doing everyday but in addition to that the floors were mopped with the very wonderful Hollaway House floor shiner. Now if only the handy man would put new floor guard thingies on the bottom of the chairs maybe the floor wouldn't look so dreadful after two days.
Even though Josh and I are planning on heading out tonight, it would be nice to have some come over while the house is a little clean.
The dishes are done, laundry done..and some put away.
Went to the Y today.
Emmet rode Elise's bike and I rode Emmett's bike up to Love Grove Elementary to pick up Elise and then I jogged back.
Nowhere on that list was Bible .....oooh wait a minute....
Last week I started reading a Proverb a day with the boys during breakfast, we were rushed this morning so Stewart read #5 out loud on the way to school.
Yikes that was one their dad should have read to them...and not on the way to school, like they really needed to hear about bosoms before being dropped off at middle school. God knows what they need so I'm trusting He's working it out.
Of course, it also talked about discipline and we all need that even if we aren't being called out to by an adulteress on the street corner...I'm sure I can apply it to the cupcake calling out to me from the corner of the counter!
5:23 He dies for lack of discipline, and because of his great folly he is led astray.

I lost my Social Security Card so I had to go to the SS office today because Josh needs to show proof of me for some reason for our insurance. Go figure. It should arrive in the mail in 7 -10 days...but I have already have socializing security because of the productiveness of today.


ewe scrap said...

You should have called. I would have come over and admired your clean, tidy house.
P.S. With four children, you are fighting a losing battle.

Gigi said...

Don't you hate that?! People tend to drop by when I have dust balls on the floor. They're sitting on the sofa chatting with me, AND I can't concentrate on being a gracious host because the darn dust ball is staring at me in the eye saying, "Should've used your swifter mop today!"

Once when I had just given birth to one of the younger girls, my friend's mom came by unexpectedly and the house was a bit of a mess. I apologized for the untidyness and she walks in the room and says, "My daughter-in-law's house is way worse than yours!" lol

Gloria said...

That was too funny Emily - the part about your boys reading about bosom's before being dropped at school. I can laugh because #1) I'm not a mom and #2) I'm not a mom of boys.

You sure got a lot done. Although it would be nice to have someone visit, just enjoy all your hard work yourself no matter how long it lasts...luxuriate in the feeling of clean orderly home.

Have a great date night with Josh. I'll e-mail you about our scrapbook day since you are available other days besides Tuesday.